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    1980 - La Toya Jackson

    Latoya Albums

    If You Feel the Funk *

    Save Your Love

    My Love Has Passed You By Are You Ready?

    Night Time Lover *

    A Taste of You (Is a Taste of Love)

    Lovely is She If

    I Ain't Got It


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    1981 - My Special Love

    Latoya Albums

    Stay the Night *

    Fill You Up

    Love Song

    Giving You Up (Duet with Randy Jackson)

    I Don't Want You to Go *

    Camp Kuchi Kaia

    Summertime With You

    Special Love


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    1984 - Heart Don't Lie

    Latoya Albums

    Think Twice

    Heart Don't Lie *

    Bet'cha Gonna Need My Lovin' *

    Private Joy *

    Hot Potato *

    I Like Everything You're Goin'


    Without You


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    1986 - Imagination

    Latoya Albums

    He's a Pretender *

    On a Night Like This

    How Do I Tell Them

    Imagination *

    Baby Sister *

    Weak Spot


    Talk Boys

    Got Something

    Girls Ain't Got


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    1988 - La Toya

    Latoya Albums

    You're Gonna Get Rocked *

    You Blew *

    Such a Wicked Love *

    Not Giving Up On Love

    If I Could Get to You (featuring John Pagano)

    Turn on the Radio Just Say No

    Does It Really Matter (Tell Me)

    She Means Nothing to You at All

    (Ain't Nobody Loves You) Like I Do *


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    1991 - BAD GIRL

    Latoya Albums

    Sexual Feeling *

    You and Me *

    He's My Brother

    Restless Heart


    You Can Count on Me


    Bad Girl *

    Be My Lover

    He's So Good to Me

    Do the Salsa

    Piano Man


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    1991 - NO RELATIONS

    Latoya Albums

    Sexbox *

    Wild Side Submission

    Reggae Nights

    Could This Be Love

    We're Making To Prove My Love

    Times Are Changing


    Let's Rock the House *

    Sexbox (Album version) *


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    1992 - Formidable

    Latoya Albums

    Les Doriss Girls

    Les Touristes


    Paris En Rose

    A Paris, Les Femmes Ressemblent A Des Fleurs

    Les Garçons Du Desert Le Marche

    Les Filles Aux Serpents

    Night Club Les Crocodiles

    Les Tapis Volants

    La Fontaine Lumineuse

    Allons A L'Opera

    Valses De Vienne

    French Cancan

    La Danse Nouvelle - Jeanne Avril Et Bruant

    Une Pensee Pour Maurice

    Un Clin D'ceil A Josephine


    French Medley

    Grand Final Blanc Et Rouge - Formidable


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    1994 - From Nashville To You

    Latoya Albums

    Fanfare - Intro

    Burnin' Love *

    So in Love With You

    Georgia Dreamin'

    I've Got to Be Bad

    Crazy *

    Trash Like You

    Another Heart

    Dance Away These Blues Tonight

    Boots *

    What You Don't Say (Duet with Lee Greenwood)

    Little Misunderstood

    One Strike You're Out

    Break a Leg


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    1995 - Stop in the Name of Love

    Latoya Albums

    Stop in the Name of Love (The Remix)

    Baby Love Baby I Need Your Loving

    I Can't Help Myself Two Lovers Someday

    We'll Be Together

    My Guy

    Tracks of My Tears

    Love Child

    Stop in the Name of Love (Album Version)

    I'll Be There

    Tears of a Clown


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    2002 - Startin' Over

    Latoya Albums

    No More Drama

    Just Wanna Dance *

    C'est La Vie

    Anger Management (Skit)

    Don't Want You No More

    Home *

    Call Me

    That's Why I Love You

    Something About You

    Mafia Style (Skit) Should've Left You

    Free the World *


    You're So Nasty

    Sorry Lies

    Tropical Breeze

    Free the World (Extended Dance Mix)


    2011 - Starting Over

    Latoya Albums

    Should've Left You

    Free The World

    Mafia Style (skit)

    Just Wanna Dance

    Don't Want You No More

    No More Drama


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